Saturday, February 6, 2010

Cirque Rocks - 2006

Cirque Rocks
26th Aug 2006

The mcdonalds cirque rocks in auckland which i went to see last saturday night was at the trusts stadium, home of the NZ breakers basketball team! it was a nice venue and me and amanda went with my work as a social event that we do every now and then..
it was a combo of circus acts and rock music..hance the name!
good entertainment and a great night out. about 50 or so of us from work went to it, and we had our own little section where we sat..the only downfall of the night (apart from one of the chinese plate spinners' plates) was the fact that the rain came down hard as we qued to go sitting in wet jeans for a few hours wasnt the most comfortable form of attire! neways..yeah the night had some classic rock anthems belting out..all performed live and with back up singers and choir/band etc..the acts came from circus performers from all over the world..but mainly china, there was bmx riders who had arrived in nz straight from the x-games in LA, these guys are awesome on their bikes..doin thier stuff, forward 360degree flips etc..and they are multi-millionairs,pro's at their best! also there was acrobatics, tight rope walking in which they did a 7-man pyramid on the wire! there was trampoliners, cage of death with motorbikes inside, a girl climbing some chairs with outstanding balanca and strength..she later failed to return to her hotel room so she didnt have to go back to china,so shes in search of a better life here in nz! lucky us!! yeah rite! i'll keep a look out for some chairs going missing and some girl trying to climb them..then i'll tip off the authorities..only for a reward of course haha also performing was jumping around russians etc etc all in all a great night

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